Books and notebooks bought? Uniform prepared? And what else awaits your child on the doorstep of school? Quite possibly a meeting with the afterburners. So it's worth learning more about them - maybe this article will help you save your biggest treasure?

The afterburner is a deadly danger, and yet thousands of young people regularly accept it. What are they really and what is the essence of these substances?

Afterburns - safe drugs?

Nothing could be further from the truth! Afterburner burners are an attempt to circumvent the law against selling drugs. Ingredients contained in afterburner burners do not appear on the lists of substances controlled by the law, and as soon as one of them is included on such a list, traders instantly create new mixtures, with a new ingredient. What does this lead to? It is not known what substances are contained in afterburner burners, it is not known at what concentration (let alone sterility of production conditions), nor is it known how such a mixture affects the human body. Going further - due to the fact that afterburner burners contain unknown components, if an overdose and poisoning of the body occurs, doctors may not be able to help. Because how to help when you don't know what's wrong?

Afterburner burners are substances of extremely varied composition, but the common feature of all of them is the content of psychoactive factors and strong effect on the human nervous system. What is worst, the trade in afterburner drugs is a specific loophole in the law - these substances are most often sold as "collector's products", and therefore absolutely unfit for consumption. And from a legal point of view, products officially not intended for consumption are not subject to control by the State Pharmaceutical Inspectorate. This, in turn, is eagerly and unscrupulously exploited by producers and sellers of afterburners. And they do not care that they contribute to the loss of health or life of others - the money counts!

that the burners are safe

Afterburner burners can be divided into 3 basic groups:

1. with a similar effect to marijuana or opium - in the form of drought and incense ('spice') from most plants, often mixed with caffeine, vanillin, THC or eugenol. They are burnt in pipes or twists.

2. "party pills" - i.e. tablets or powder being a mixture of hallucinogenic agents, stimulants, empathogens, dissociants or opioids. They stimulate and improve the mood.

3. Stamps for licking - these are usually one-component agents

The essential component of afterburner is BZN (benzylopiperazine), which acts similarly to amphetamine - it causes heart rate acceleration, dehydration and leads to addiction. However, it should be remembered that the packaging contains a list of only some of the psychoactive substances contained in a given product. According to estimates, the number of potential psychoactive substances reaches over 12 thousand.

Who uses afterburners?

The paradox of our times - young people consider chemistry lessons to be the worst evil, but they have the knowledge of the chemical composition of stimulants, afterburners or energy drinks in their little fingers. Even middle school students juggle these ingredients in appropriate doses and combine them with a precision that many pharmacists wouldn't be ashamed of - only that they have a completely different goal - to get better "kick and go".

It is worth remembering that addiction is a multifactorial mechanism. You can become addicted to a particular substance, but also to an emotional state caused by the stimulant. The main issue to consider, however, are the reasons why young people use afterburners. And these are usually hidden much more carefully than a pack of stimulants. Unfortunately, the most visible symptoms of balancing on the verge of overdose and poisoning are already visible to parents.

The more we know about the dangers lurking in front of our children, the more effectively we can defend ourselves against it.

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