Regular teeth cleaning and visits to the dentist once every few months will not protect you from diseases if you do not take care of your tongue... hygiene. As it turns out, skipping this part of the body during daily care procedures may end up being bad not only for our oral cavity, but also for our whole body. Even in ancient civilizations, in Egypt, India or China, this part of the body was taken care of while cleaning teeth.

Our tongue is a habitat of bacteria

Dentistry is a science that deals not only with diseases of teeth and mucous membranes, but also with diseases of the tongue. Dentists from all over the world agree: there are almost twenty billion bacteria in our mouth, the number of which is still growing when we don't take proper care of our hygiene. When we don't brush our teeth for 24 hours, the number of bacteria can rise up to 100 billion! Let's not fool ourselves: with so many bacteria in your own mouth, you'll quickly notice bad breath and a white coating on your tongue.

Proper care is essential

Cleaning the tongue is - in addition to cleaning teeth (as any dentist will confirm) - a procedure necessary to prevent bad breath that can come out of the mouth. Specialists from "The Journal of American Dental Association" magazine have proven that as much as 90% of situations where bad breath comes out of the human mouth is caused by badly cleaned tongue and microorganisms. Interestingly, some people have a genetic tendency for their tongue to develop the bacterial coating responsible for bad odour to form faster.

tongue cleaning

Ways to clean your tongue

There are three types of warts on the surface of the tongue: deciduous, surrounding and fungal. This type of structure makes the tongue an ideal place for the development of all kinds of bacteria. So what should the whole cleaning procedure look like? Simply scrub the surface of the tongue, from back to front, so that the bacteria are effectively removed from the mouth. Some people do this with the other, flat side of the toothbrush.

Some people decide to use a scraper, which in this case is a replacement for an ordinary toothbrush. The scraper is used specifically to clean the tongue, and may look a little like a razor. But it shouldn't be too difficult to use it: Just move it a couple of times from root to tip to the front to remove most bacteria. The same goes for the sides of the tongue, then rinse your mouth with water or a special rinse. It is worth remembering that the scraper can be used by all people over the age of six and that it can now be obtained in almost every pharmacy for literally several zlotys.

In the absence of such instruments, we can also deal with the use of baking soda, which is certainly on some shelf in your home. Soda effectively kills unwanted bacteria and restores the right pH in the mouth. Everyone who is interested in dentistry knows that it is a factor that protects against the formation of tartar. How to use soda properly? Simply soak your toothbrush in it and then gently brush your tongue (this should take about 20 seconds). Then rinse your mouth with water several times. In this way, by regularly cleaning your tongue, you will quickly notice an improvement in your hygiene and overall health.

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