Semi soft braor otherwise Semi-padded bra, is an original Polish model, which many lingerie manufacturers in the country can boast of. We have something to be proud of. Semi-softs are very popular not only in Poland, but also abroad - they are extremely versatile, They come in different cuts and can be made of almost any kind of material..

How are semi-softs made?

Cups in semi soft bras, as the name suggests, are partly stiffened and partly soft. How does it look in practice? The lower part of the cup is made of a stiffened corsetry insert, while the upper part of the cup is semi-transparent and soft, usually decorated with embroidery or lace - less often with tulle. The semi-softs are reinforced with underwires and usually have decorative, adjustable, unfastened straps.

As far as the cut is concerned - a semi soft bra usually has one vertical cut (as in fullcups) and one diagonal cut, which makes the bust round. Thanks to the perfect finish the bra fits perfectly on the breasts and supports them perfectly. Semi-softs are a popular choice of both women with smaller and larger breasts. This makes it one of the most sought after models.


For whom?

The semi soft bra is designed for those women who don't like bras or push-ups and don't feel good in completely soft or transparent cups. There is a wide range of styles for semi-rigid bras, so a well-chosen model can handle any shape and size. The bottom stiffened part of the cups smaller breasts will slightly lift and round, while the larger bust will stabilize and gather. Meanwhile, the airy lace or mesh in the upper part will give the whole thing lightness and naturalness.

Eva Bien Lingerie

Check out Eve Bien's offer!

Ewa Bien Lingerie is a Polish manufacturer of luxurious women's underwear and has a wide range of semi-rigid bras in her assortment. If you are looking for an unusual, extravagant semi-soft cut, have a look at Ewa Bien's online shop and check out the Sheriff's red semi soft bra. This extremely sensual model perfectly stabilizes and collects less firm breasts. The eye-catching colour will make every woman feel extremely sexy and unique in it.

A suggestion for the approaching sunny weather is a yellow semi soft bra by Celeste. Thanks to the combination of seductive lace, lively lemon colour and modern design, this cut guarantees an extremely seductive effect and is one of the favourite parts of summer wardrobe.

All bras in Ewa Bien's assortment can be found in every size in fashionable designs and colours. The semi-soft bra will give support and thus comfort to every woman.

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