A dentist is a specialist, who we visit most often quite reluctantly. We are often afraid of pain caused by dental procedures. However, regular visits to his office really pay off. Dental care in children is particularly important. Regular visits to a professional not only develop in our children a good habit of caring for their teeth. They also help to avoid serious problems in the child's oral cavity. What is the dental care in the youngest? How to choose a good pediatric dentist?

Why is pediatric dentistry so important?

Regular check-up visits to the dentist and treatment of caries in its earliest detected stage are extremely important. They prevent pulp diseases and premature loss of milk teeth, which can lead to malocclusion. It is also worth remembering that taking care of a child's teeth from an early age will result in healthier teeth in adult life. By taking your child to regular visits, you can avoid serious problems with teeth. Thanks to this, visits are quick and painless. Dental offer for patients at the so-called developmental age includes, among others:

  • Fluoride prophylaxis - i.e. varnishing milk and permanent teeth with the use of so-called fluoride varnishes,
  • Prevention with the use of nanohydroxyapatite as an alternative to using fluorine compounds.
  • sealing of fissures and cracks, especially in young permanent and milk teeth. This treatment is particularly recommended for the first permanent molars, the so-called "sixes".

good dentist

A good pediatric dentist

It often happens that an adult person with large changes in his or her dentition is placed in the dentist's chair. Often the reason for the visit is already a serious change accompanied by unbearable toothache. Then the specialist often asks why the patient appears only now. Very often it turns out that visits to the dentist are very badly associated with the patient's childhood. An unpleasant dentist or a painful procedure can effectively deter a young patient and make him or her avoid visiting the dentist as an adult. This is a big mistake, because this behavior will sooner or later lead to the patient reporting to the dentist with a serious problem. That's why it's so important to not only regularly take your child to the dentist, but also to find a specialist your child will like. Even for adults, a visit to the dentist is not very pleasant. In children, discomfort and fear are much stronger. A good pediatric dentist is above all a great specialist who can perform the procedure efficiently and painlessly. It is also important that he has a good approach to his patients. If a child senses kindness and a pleasant atmosphere, he or she will tolerate the procedure much better and will be more willing to go to the dentist.

CDC Dental Center

The offer of the CDC Dental Center includes comprehensive treatment of small patients as well as caries prevention. It is worth noting that pediatric dentistry in the CDC Dentistry Center takes place in an exceptionally friendly atmosphere, thanks to which the youngest patients are not afraid of them, and in the future they will be equally eager to continue taking care of their teeth. Regular check-up visits at the CDC will make sure that the child will have no problems with his or her teeth in adult life, and will learn how to properly take care of oral hygiene. Thanks to full, comprehensive diagnostics with treatment, your child will gain a beautiful and healthy smile without pain and fear.

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