Honey is known to soothe nerves and speed up wound healing. This is due to its antibacterial properties and often makes it a good complement to the antibiotic treatment. Honey is also very often used as a cosmetic and is added to many shampoos, soaps and creams. It is also valued simply for being very tasty. It is one of the few food products that is both sweet and healthy for us. If it is diluted and given cold, it will fight diarrhea, and when heated it will improve digestion and fight constipation.

Types of honey and their application - bactericidal effect

The bactericidal effect of honey has been scientifically proven. Hippocrates already knew about it. It is the large consumption of honey that is attributed to the longevity of Hippocrates himself and Pythagoras, among others. Today we already know a lot about why honey is very healthy, but we keep discovering its secrets. At present, enzymes are considered to be the most important ingredients of honey. These are substances derived from the salivary glands of insects, they are rich in hydrogen peroxide, and it effectively fights bacteria. Its solution is oxidized water.

In addition to enzymes, honey also contains lysozymes, inhibition (mainly from honey harvested from plants growing high above sea level), and apidicin. These are some of the few natural substances that are able to fight gram-positive grains, such as staphylocococci, as well as streptococci and gram-negative sticks. Even anthrax sticks, tuberculosis mycobacteria, vaginal lupus spores and carcinogens such as some yeasts are also subject to honey.

We must also not forget that honey is rich in vitamins and trace elements such as potassium, chlorine, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, molybdenum, manganese and cobalt and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and C. It also contains folic acid and biotin.

Healthy properties of honey

Is the honey healthy? - All the best for the heart

People with heart problems should eat honey especially often. This is because it is able to strengthen the heart muscle by administering large amounts of potassium to the body. The substances contained in it are also very important during physical activity and reduce the level of fatigue, which is particularly effective in older people. They also have a positive effect on the appetite and improve the immune system.

Bee venom - application in persistent neuroses

A related topic is always bee venom, which can be very useful in treating many diseases. Unfortunately, bees die after a sting because their digestive system is destroyed, but this can be a great benefit for us. Bee venom is obviously unpleasant, and for allergy sufferers it can be dangerous and allergy sufferers should not be in contact with it, but other people can benefit from the stings as much as possible, because it is beneficial for the body to react to their appearance. Stings of psz8ół stimulates the body to trigger a defensive reaction, which effectively reduces the symptoms associated with neuroses, hypertension and skin diseases.

Why is honey sweet? - good simple sugars

It should also be stressed that honey contains primarily simple sugars, which should not, of course, be allowed to reach our body in excess, but first of all, these sugars always come from good sources, such as herbs, and thus have some of their properties, and secondly, a dose of pure, healthy sugar can be very healthy and a medicine in itself.

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