Breast-reduction treatmentA breast reduction procedure is a procedure that is not just an aesthetic one. Too rich breasts are often the cause of health problems and pain. Doctors always encourage women to talk to their partner earlier. This is important because thanks to a joint conversation the patient can provide support of a loved one. After all, the procedure itself is a big change, the effects of which are impossible to predict in 100%.

Choice of medical facility

A woman who decides to undergo the procedure can choose an institution where it will be performed. In private clinics of aesthetic surgery a referral from a doctor is not necessary. The average cost of the surgery performed on both breasts ranges from 15-17 thousand PLN. If the operation itself is necessary for health reasons, it is reimbursed by the NFZ (more about popular medical procedures at:

bust-reduction operation

A referral to the hospital can be made by any specialist. The waiting time for the procedure differs in each medical facility. Few people are aware of the health effects that too much breasts can have. First of all, it is an excessive load on the chest, which can cause spinal degeneration, and also backache and arm pains, which prevents free movement. In the summer, too rich breasts cause burns and the need to constantly control sweating.

Ladies with large bust often have a problem with buying properly selected underwear, especially when breasts are not symmetrical.

Patients who decide to reduce their breasts are mostly people who have given birth and fed their children. But not only that - older and very young women, whose large breasts prevent them from maintaining proper body weight and figure, also apply to doctors of aesthetic medicine.

Before the procedure

The decision to qualify for the procedure is made by the anaesthetist after the necessary tests have been performed. It is necessary to perform laboratory tests, chest X-ray and chest ultrasound. Any woman whose general health condition does not raise objections is eligible for surgery. Before the surgery itself, the patient receives a list of herbs, medicines and dietary supplements that she should not use (more information about aesthetic medicine treatments can be found at:

The course of the surgery

During the surgery, the patient undergoes general anaesthesia and the surgery itself takes about 4 hours. The doctor decides on the choice of surgical technique taking into account the scale of breast reduction. In the initial phase of the procedure the doctor takes measurements and marks. During the surgery, excess fat is removed as well as part of the breast gland and the nipple itself.

After the procedure

too big a breastThe next day after the surgery, the patient can go home and the dressing is changed.

Painfulness itself passes after a few days from the procedure. In case of breast reduction procedure most of the soluble stitches are used, therefore they do not need to be removed later.

For 6 weeks after the procedure the patient should use a special bra. After one month the doctor usually recommends the use of silicone creams for scars. The patient's full health is usually reached after two months. During this time, she cannot play sports or lead a frugal lifestyle.

It is extremely important not to sunbathe for 3 months after the treatment, as sunbathing even in a bathing suit could cause oversized scars.


The final effect is actually visible only 6 months after the treatment. Depending on the reduction performed, the scars may be large, but if the patient fully follows the doctor's recommendations, their visibility will be reduced to a minimum.

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