Increasing access to medical knowledge makes us take more care of our body. For the sake of health, we take care of the correct balance of vitamins and minerals and pay much more attention to a properly composed menu.

Collagen is the protein of youth

It is very important to take proper care of the basic building block of our body which is, among others, protein, and more precisely collagen, which is the basic component of connective tissue (otherwise known as fibroblast). It is used to build 30% of the total protein mass and 80% of the connective tissue of our body. It builds the so-called collagen fibers which are a fundamental component of the skin, tendons, bones, joints or corneas of the eye. The characteristic feature of these organs is, among others, extensibility and very high resistance to mechanical injuries. The merit of this is collagen, which forms a resilient scaffolding to attach internal organs such as kidneys, liver or stomach. The main tasks of this protein also include maintaining the proper level of skin hydration and renewing its cells.

Collagen - when is it missing?

Collagen is produced in our body in a natural way and is regularly exchanged (approx. 3kg per year) during natural wellness processes.
As long as we are young, our body systematically rebuilds collagen fibers, however, over time we gradually lose the ability to self-regenerate, which results, among other things, in the suspension of protein regeneration processes. Research shows that on average from the age of 26 the production of collagen begins to decrease naturally, and additionally diseases and increased physical activity (e.g. through competitive sports) become the primary cause of so-called protein losses, which are a consequence of the natural aging process.


Collagen defects - effects

The effects of collagen loss include increased dryness of the skin, the appearance of the first wrinkles or loss of skin elasticity. However, the lack of this basic building block causes much more serious changes such as degenerative changes that appear with age. These disorders cause problems with movement or stiffness of joints. Joints, which are movable joints of bones have a so-called placenta, which is the place of their connection. The biggest problem here is friction, which is why the joint surfaces are additionally covered with tissues such as glassy cartilage and joint membrane. They produce the so called "mass", which lubricates the moving parts of the bones that come into contact with each other to eliminate the process of abrasion. If there is a shortage or natural loss of collagen, unpleasant pain occurs because the bones are not sufficiently shielded, and this also affects the state of the cartilage by making it hard and flexible.

Collagen for joints

Contemporary medicine provides opportunities to replenish missing substances thanks to, among others the use of suitable preparations. There are many different supplements available on the market containing varying concentrations and the origin of the desired substances. We distinguish between, among others, beef collagen and fish collagen - and the latter is the best source of well absorbed proteins. There are many opinions about collagen for joints, however, it is worth choosing a qualitative preparation, and at the same time one that will be best assimilated in our body. Medical environments recommend first of all the use of good quality fish collagen for joints, which allows you to maintain full efficiency for a long time and significantly improve the comfort of life even at an advanced age.

Drinking collagen

Remember that when choosing the right preparation we must take into account several parameters, and the price of good collagen for the joints does not always go hand in hand with its quality. The most important factor that should be suggested is the appropriate absorption of active ingredients. One of the best choices is Duocollagen brand preparationwhich occurs in liquid form, i.e. collagen for drinking which facilitates its daily use.

The studies have proven that collagen in liquid form is best absorbed due to its rapid absorption by our digestive system, and the increase in the amount of collagen in tissues and joints increases already in 6-12 hours after consumption. Drinking collagen by Duocollagen has been enriched with a composition of antioxidants, which allows you to keep your hair and nails in proper condition, and also has a beneficial effect on the appearance of the whole body. The innovative properties of this product will keep our joints and bones in excellent condition, providing them with a powerful dose of substances responsible for their functioning.

The salutary effect of the product is confirmed by numerous opinions of regular consumers, who very quickly see a significant improvement in their appearance and resignation from joint pain or increase their flexibility. Therefore, let us remember that regular intake of properly selected collagen on the joints can significantly improve the quality of our lives, and above all, it will allow us to enjoy the efficiency and flexibility of the body even in old age.

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