It is not difficult to keep a white and healthy smile. For those who cannot afford a professional teeth whitening procedure, they can use home methods. There are more and more preparations available in drugstores and pharmacies for independent use. One of the more effective whitening substances is hydrogen peroxide used by dentists. This component not only removes discoloration from the surface of teeth, but also penetrates the enamel.

It was found that on the basis of the appearance of our teeth we make assessments that go far beyond the issues of oral health of other people, and aesthetically looking white and well cared for teeth is not only a matter of health and a nice, aesthetic smile, but also much more - a sign of prestige, intelligence or social success - says Lidia Majewska, a dentist and a doctor of aesthetic medicine, the Newseria Lifestyle news agency.

Tooth whitening is one of the most popular treatments of aesthetic dentistry. Many people also choose home-made methods, such as using lemon, salt or baking soda. However, it is important to remember that they are not always safe and bring the intended effect. Lemon can damage the gums and weaken the enamel, salt promotes the formation of pathogenic bacteria, and the use of baking soda in its pure form can expose teeth to enamel damage and hypersensitivity. Alternatively, there are belts, whitening caps and gels available in drugstores and pharmacies.

- There are several home remedies that we can use to improve the color of your teeth. One of the novelties that has appeared this season is a whitening applicator, which contains hydrogen peroxide in low concentration. This is a substance very similar to the one we use in offices. It will help to change the colour of a tooth from 1 to 3 shades, which visually gives good results - says Lidia Majewska.

Dentists emphasize that this method is convenient, safe and recommended for everyday use. It reverses many years of discoloration from the enamel, caused by food, drinks and tobacco. The effects are visible already after 3 weeks.

- The packaged agent is sold as an applicator attached to the toothbrush. The manufacturer recommends using it twice a day after each brushing, i.e. we brush, apply whitening gel and ready to use. Of course, before we apply any agent that may potentially cause irritation, all dental problems must be cured - explains Lidia Majewska.

A special toothbrush contains spiral bristles and polishing erasers, which remove discolourations from the surface of teeth and prepare them for optimal whitening.

- Nowadays it is basically the only applicator on the market that is put in the brush, so the product itself is very innovative," says Natalia Siergiejuk from marketing department of Colgate-Palmolive, producer of the applicator for bleaching.

Before choosing a way to remove tooth discolouration it is worth consulting your dentist, because a change in the colour of your teeth may be a symptom of a disease that requires treatment.


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